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SMART Board Support

Familiarise yourself with the Toolbars



Click here to access how to troubleshoot if ready light is not solid green what this indicates and how to fix this.


ELECTROBOARD offers a range of FREE on-line support

Go to their website

click on image below

This site provides the following support



Another place to source fantastic resources is the 

SMART Exchange

These lessons are aligned with NEW SOUTH WALES curriculum standards.


Click on the image below to access Quicktime movie demonstration

How to:

1. Set-up and orientate your SMART Board

2.Downlaod and install the latest software

3.Tips for configuring classrooms


Software download for 10.7


Click on link below to access

SMART Board Handbook

Tutorial for SMART Notebook software 10.7

Tutorial for SMART 10.7

Where to access Australian content to download into your Gallery


Content here is more Australian specific

Go to Notebook Lessons then to Notebook Galleries – then select the gallery you would like to add eg Currency

Go into your ‘My Content” and create a new folder eg Currency then Unzip file and and drag content into folder.

You can also access Gallery Collections from the  SMART Exchange – Just click on image!



45 Interesting Ways to use a IWB in the Classroom

Click on image below to access PDF


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IWB – Smartboards

Adams resources from today


Many IWB resources gathered by teachers from around the Diocese can be found on the Purposeful Learning Technologies Group.

SMARTboard resources from the group

IWB resources from the group

Download the appropriate SMARTnotebook software here

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