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Professional Reflection Blog

This blog captures a teachers ideas and thoughts around ICT in the classroom at http://smallsteps.edublogs.org.

Secondary Blogs

Publishing and Assessement

A blog to assess the students through the use of technology. This blog is only in the very early stages and will be added to over the coming weeks.
Survivor North Era

Resource Sharing and Organisation

http://scomagdalene.wordpress.com – sportcoaching webpage which is used to share materials with other teachers and to organise the resources used in the course.

Student Course Content Wiki
http://pdhpe12.pbwiki.com – Wiki to support the PDHPE HSC Course. It has a range of student created materials on there as well as other course material and resources that are useful in teaching the course.

Blogging – year 11 and year 12 economics (http://11economics.edublogs.org, http://12economics.edublogs.org

A wiki that will help students and parents discuss and review math topics from school for years 7 – 10 http://mathemaniac.wikispaces.com/

Welcome Year 7 to your online classroom. This site has been set up for you to access set class work and additional material that may not be covered during class sessions. http://7history.edublogs.org/

A photography blog posting content for students and inviting their reflections on artwork. http://stage5wetphotography.edublogs.org/

Primary Blogs and Wikis

http://stopthebullies.edublogs.org/ A student blog designed to explore cyberbullying and its impact.

http://ithink.edublogs.org /….. the purpose of this blog is to explore the text types ‘exposition’ and ‘discussion’ . The students are presented with two points of view and asked to develop their arguments in an online environment

http://puzzlingprimaryproblems.edublogs.org /….. the purpose of this blog was to trial differentiation via blogs in the area of Mathematics

http://mshearman.edublogs.org /….. the purpose of this blog was to enable students to showcase their artwork in an online environment and also participate in art appreciation type conversation using a thinking framework

http://neverendingstory.pbwiki.com /…. the purpose of this wiki was to encourage my students to build a collaborative story
http://creation1.pbwiki.com /…… the purpose of this wiki was to showcase the RE LITERACY PRODUCTS. It was created as a wiki with the view of other schools also adding their products, thus creating a diocesan wiki

http://rainforestrescue.pbworks.com/ a student rainforest wiki – a wiki book of sorts

The purpose of this blog is to explore the power and potency of IMAGES and other forms of MULTI MEDIA . By participating in this blog you will be asked to INTERPRET and COMMENT on a variety of different images http://picturetalk.edublogs.org/


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iLife 09

iLife tutorials link

You will also find iLife tutorials on all Oliver pages if your school has upgraded to Oliver library management system you will just open this through https://oliver.woll.catholic.edu.au/oliver/login/ then just click on any of the school links and you will find the tutorials in the top right hand corner.

GarageBand – GarageBand Tutorial

Create Enhanced podcast Instructions

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Text Editing

Manipulating Text on Screen

Focus on developing both teacher and students skills in text editing.

By incorporating some really basic word tools you can enhance and develop literacy skills and create opportunities for students to analyse texts. In our session today we will explore the use of comments, tracking, callouts and the highlight tool option.

Below are some instructions as to accessing these in your toolbar and also some work samples that you may like to use to practise working with these tools.

Instructions to access tools in toolbars

To experiment with adding comments and track changes, click on the link below.

Test essay .

Sample texts for Callout activity

Stage 4-6

Stage 2-3

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Module Selections S2-6

The stage 2-6 is a 5 day course:

Day 1 compulsory

Participants then select  3 from the following:
iWork /iLife 09  Part A   and   iWork /iLife 09 Part B ( counts as 2 modules)
Blogs and Wikis Part A   and  Blogs and Wikis Part B (counts as 2 modules)
Interactive Whiteboards
Digital Storytelling
iMovie 09’
Day 5 – Reflection and sharing
Dates for modules are as follows:
Day 1: March 8th
iWork /iLife 09  Part A: March 23rd
iWork /iLife 09 Part B: March 24th
Blogs and Wikis Part A: May 7th
Blogs and Wikis Part B: May 13th
Interactive Whiteboards: June 24th
Digital Storytelling: July 21st
iMovie 09’: August 18th
Reflection and sharing day: October 21st

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Module Selection

survey-monkeyToday we will be using an interesting tool called Survey Monkey to collect your course module selections. Survey monkey allows you to develop surveys and access participant results online.

To visit the module selection survey click on the link below.

Module Selection Survey

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