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SCOOTLE information

Is Your School Registered?

The following is a spreadsheet with the SCOOTLE key for each schools who have registered for SCOOTLE before the 19th July 2011.  LINK

If your school is registered your school’s key will be recorded alongside your school’s name 

Then just follow these steps:

LOCATE your school – COPY  the link – PASTE into browser and ENTER your personal details.

If your school is NOT registered

 follow the instructions for setting up SCOOTLE within your school


the LT coordinator from each school may contact SCOOTLE manager

Cheryl Fahey

Maitland-Newcastle Diocese

Mob: 0439 604 426

Email :  cheryl.fahey@mn.catholic.edu.au


Changing your email login for SCOOTLE

If you have already registered with SCOOTLE using your ceo.woll address and you wish to change to your .dow address AND if you have content already created in SCOOTLE eg Learning Paths etc that you wish to keep, you will have to export your content then apply to change your email address. For those wishing to do this please see the following link for instructions for doing so.

Creating Learning Paths

For instructions on setting up your own learning paths please follow the following instructions.


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Scootle is now integrating with the Australian Curriculum.
You can now browse curriculum content descriptions, find Australian Curriculum aligned resources and create your own collaborative workspaces and learning paths.

Click here to read more about these new features and Australian Curriculum Connect

If your school has not registered for SCOOTLE as yet –  Click here to access information on how to do so.

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Scootle is the easiest way to access a range of resources designed to enhance student learning.

To create an account simply follow the link sent by your school administrator.

Once you have an account you can view content and create learning paths for students

Students can then enter the appropriate pin number and access your learning path. Simple!!

Download the latest scootle user guide

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