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CEO has just made a deal with Clickview allowing all Primary schools access to the Clickview Library and 24/7 recordings.

Download Instructions for  using Clickview Online to browse, search and watch movies.

Using Clickview On-line App for iPad, iPods or iPhone


TROUBLESHOOTING – If you have difficulty viewing videos from the within ClickView and you get a white screen as shown below.

This indicates that you need to reinstall flip4Mac – here is the link



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Below are a compilation of resources to support schools in their deployment of iPads.


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Here is an interesting article with some great advice on how to best plan and prepare for the introduction of new technologies into learning and teaching. I would be very interested in your comments on this article – so feel free!

Redefining Instruction With Technology: Five Essential Steps

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Wordle is a tool that allows you to generate “word clouds” from text. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently. You can arrange  your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. You can take a screen shot of the ‘Wordle’ and use this for a variety of purposes.

Can you Guess the Wordle?

Create wordles that are linked to any KLA and grouped according to particular to certain criteria or attributes.

Students could be divided up into teams and are encouraged search the internet for clues, and then come back as a team to decide on a final answer.

Tier the task by beginning with 1 common attribute – step it up to 3 or 4 for a more challenging task.

For example – the words below have 1 common attribute.


All  accessories


2 common attributesaust-mammals

All Australian Mammals

(Adding kangaroo and koala to the list would simplify this task)

3 common attributes

aust-athletes -whowongols at 2008 olympics

Australian athletes who all won gold at the 2008 Olympics



Advertise or promote your class Novel


Focus on Australian Geography

West-aust towns

Western Australian Towns

Students could research to identify how many attributes they have in common eg all towns from Western Australia

Follow-up activities

-map the towns

-design their own wordle for each other eg all Australian towns that have a ‘Big’ …………..  banana, prawn etc  as a tourist attraction

Screen shot 2009-10-27 at 12.50.40 PM

Screen shot 2009-10-27 at 12.53.33 PM

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Create online surveys, quizzes and polls for your students for FREE.
This is an example of a test survey designed for Holy Spirit College PD day 2011


HSC QUIZ View Survey

HSC SURVEY View Survey

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QR Codes

TRY reading this!

QR stands for – QUICK RESPONSE

QR Codes can hold information such as url’s, text, GEO coordinates, phone numbers, SMS etc. These codes are beginning to be used in a whole range of environments today eg shop front displays, catalogues, libraries on business cards and much more.

For information on how to read these codes I suggest clicking on the following link and this will take you directly to Jeanette Davies Oliver library support page.

Jeanette has provided a range of links to suitable apps that enable you to be able to read these QR codes from both Mac computers and mobile learning devices eg iPhone ipads.

One of my favourite QR generators is     http://delivr.com/qr-code-generator

My favourite QR readers for iPhone or ipod touch is QR Reader or Qrafter (both are free apps)

Click on the image below to go to Jeanette’s Library support blog for further info on QR codes.


Here is a link to a wonderful blog entry and links to a QR CODE TREASURE HUNT GENERATOR

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Scootle is now integrating with the Australian Curriculum.
You can now browse curriculum content descriptions, find Australian Curriculum aligned resources and create your own collaborative workspaces and learning paths.

Click here to read more about these new features and Australian Curriculum Connect

If your school has not registered for SCOOTLE as yet –  Click here to access information on how to do so.

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